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Begin Strong with Distance Learning  

Returning to school, even school at home, after an extended break can be difficult.  Here are some suggestions for getting your child back into study mode!       


●Help your child set short-term goals for learning each day.  Use a prompt such as: “My goal for today is to ____.”

●Set a timer for focused work time.

●Break long tasks into smaller parts.  Complete one part at a time.

●Schedule brain breaks and physical exercise into the day. 

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Our team has posted activities for this week on our class webpages for families to access. Choice boards, with optional activities, will be posted on our first grade class pages beginning April 20th!

Each week, the First Grade Team will be posting a Learning Choice Board on our class web pages. The choice board will have optional learning activities for reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. It will also have links to the Encore and Resource teachers’ web pages, which will also have suggested activities for your child to do.

These activities will be a review of the content taught this year in the classroom. We will provide enough options for your child to do an activity in every subject area Monday through Friday. These activities, when combined, will provide 60 minutes of review, per subject, per week. Please keep in mind, this is a resource for families, but you are not required to complete them. If you find the choice board too overwhelming, simply pick and choose the activities you feel most comfortable doing.

You may select activities from the choice board that best suits the needs of your child. The activities on the choice board will change each week.  The work that is completed will not be collected or graded, but please feel free to share pictures of your child enjoying their learning.  Don’t forget to include 15-20 minutes of independent reading each day.

We will have office hours every Wednesday from 10:00 - 11:00 am. This is a great time to email us with any questions or concerns you may have about the choice board. If your child isn't able to participate in our class meetings, they can still enjoy the learning activities available on our class web page whenever it fits into their schedule!

Thank you for your continued support,
The First Grade Team

Updated 3/26/20:  Scroll Down For Updates

Below you will you find a list of the Standards of Learning for first grade. The highlighted standards and objectives are ones that we did not get to cover before school closed. As of right now, there will be no instruction on new material (highlighted standards/objectives) and all optional learning opportunities will be a review of previously taught standards.

First Grade Standards of Learning

We encourage you to check out the county's site of optional Home Learning Resources . The site has schedules with links to movement, art, and quiet time activities. It also has optional academic activities that are organized by content area. The home learning site links are organized by content area as well. There are some great resources and suggestions and the site is very user friendly!

Please be advised no new assignments or activities will be assigned to students at this time.  All resource materials provided will not be graded and are optional for students to complete. 

Please continue to monitor our class page along with the PWCS home page for important updates during this closure.


First Grade Newsletter

Welcome to First Grade!

During the first few weeks of first grade we will be learning our classroom rules and daily routines.  Below are some general first grade items that you need to be aware of:
Snack:  Each class has a designated time for snack during the day. You should send in a healthy snack on a daily basis for your child.  Suggestions include but are not limited to fruit, crackers, and yogurt.  You should avoid candy, chocolate, and drinks. *Please provide a bottle of water daily for your child.  The bottle needs to have a push top or sports cap to prevent spills and may be sent in on Mondays for the week and taken home on Fridays for washing.
Recess:  All first grade classes have recess each day. With the temperature still fairly high, please dress your children appropriately.  Layers work well for cool mornings and warm afternoons.  Sneakers are a good rule most days. The PWCS regulations prohibit the wearing of flip-flops or shoes with wheels due to safety concerns.
 The county has continued to utilize the block schedule where we teach each of the subject areas at a specified time. Our special classes, called “Encore,” will follow a five day rotation.
Lunch money:  It works best if you send in a check to be credited to you child’s lunch card account. If you choose to send cash daily with your child please remind them that it is their responsibility. Please send all money in an envelope with your child’s name on it.  You may also pay online at www.MyLunchMoney.com.
Homework: The first graders participate in a homework program first semester that centers around word patterns. We also expect first graders to read nightly for 10-15  minutes.  First graders will be participating in the “Book It” reading program this year.
Take Home Folders: Your child’s take-home folder will come home every night. Check your child’s folder daily for notes, newsletters, homework, completed class work or other important information.  This is an important communication connection between home and school.  

Curriculum Highlights: 

Language Arts: During the month of September, teachers will complete reading and PALS testing so that our guided reading groups may be formed. Once we begin guided reading,  students will begin to bring home small books to read at home. They can read them to you, a sibling, themselves, in the car, in their room, or anything else creative you can think of — make it fun! Please make sure to return these books each day.
Math: Our new math program is called Math Connects. We will continue using Math Investigations this year as well. Our first grade math curriculum will be a “blended approach”. The students will be assessed for beginning math concepts during the month of September. These concepts include counting, writing numbers, and number identification.  
Social Studies/Science:  All Prince William County Schools teach the “Code of Behavior” during the first weeks of school. In addition, first graders learn about appropriate school manners and bus safety.  We will also begin our study of seasons and the effects of change on animals and plants.

Yearly Academic Goals:

Read on a first grade reading level by the end of the year.

Write 5 complete sentences on one topic by the end of the year.

Be master counters by the end of the year. (Count to 100 by 2s, 5s, and 10s, & count backwards from 30.)

Know the addition and subtraction facts to 18. 

How to Help At Home: 
    1.  Check your child’s folder daily for any news from the classroom and homework.
    2.  Make a time, quiet place, and routine for your child to work at home.
    3.  Review class newsletters and completed classwork to practice additional school skills at  home, including our Baldrige goals.
    4.  Help your child be responsible for returning necessary materials to school each day (daily folder, library books, homework, & take home reading books).
    5.  Make time every day to read! 
Thank you for your support at home.  We are looking forward to a great year!

The First Grade Team