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Week of 6/8: 1st Grade Learning Choice Board
Week of 6/1: 1st Grade Learning Choice Board
Week of 5/25: 1st Grade Learning Choice Board
Week of 5/18: 1st Grade Learning Choice Board
Week of 5/11: 1st Grade Learning Choice Board 
Week of 5/4: 1st Grade Learning Choice Board
Week of 4/27: 1st Grade Learning Choice Board
Week of 4/20: 1st Grade Learning Choice Board

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*Please check out "My Family and Pets album"!

Mr. Frogs Favorite Links

Mr. Frog

**New Links Added!

I have included some links that your children are familiar with.  I did bring home passwords and login information . Please email and let me know if you need it! These programs can be played on tablets and phones as well as computers.  I strongly encourage your child to work on Dreambox and Raz kids.

School Code:  YMUNTU   (Your child will take a placement test, Please do not help).



username: signal
password: pandas


* dream box directions letter in files and documents

     Click here to see our class video!   A Frogs Life
     Click here to see a special video for our students! To our students

A note to my Students:

two buddies

Dear Frogs
I enjoyed our zoom meetings so much!  You are such special kids!   I hope next Thursday you can use the rubric in our files and documents section to make up a story problem and share.  That would be so cool.  Please try to take away (subtract/minus).  It will be fun to let each of you have a minute to be the teacher!!
Last week my son Nick became an officer in the army.  I am very proud of him.  I put his picture in the picture section.  If you would like to see it!  If you send pics of you working on a project, I will post those pictures too!
Love Mrs. Alford



 Dear Frogs
I hope you are staying healthy and happy!  I miss each of you so much.  Always remember you are special to me.  I have been busy writing about my family history and getting some things done here at home.  I am also trying to make my cats behave!  Have you been writing?  I hope you are!  How are you keeping your skills sharp?  Every week we will have a choice board for you to choose some activities.  I think you will love this!  Please work on dreambox.  I will be including some new websites soon!  I think you will love them! Be good and help your moms and dads with housework.  I know that you can pick up, clean your mess, and sweep!

Love Mrs. Alford


Hello My Froggies!
I hope you are all staying safe and washing your hands a lot!  I miss each of you so much.  You are very special children and so brave!  Please read books on Razkids.  Please continue math on Dreambox.  Remember I have your login cards and I can email your information!  It is important for you to keep your skills sharp.  I plan to zoom with you again very soon and will send your moms and dads an email.  I will be adding an activity to the zoom meeting.  I have been busy making masks for my family and friends.  What have you been doing?  I hope you are not just watching tv or playing video games!  
Love, Mrs. Alford


Hello Froggies,
I miss each of you so very much.  You are special to me and will always be.  I know you are wondering about this craziness.  Maybe some of you are a little scared.  It is going to be okay.  You are going to be okay.  Please ask your moms and dads about books from the library that are online.  It is important that you read and write.  I want you to count and sort, add and subtract at home.  There are so many things you can count.  Think about quantities.  Which group is more (remember the greedy alligator).  Which group is less (He does not want that group).  Play games with your moms and dads or older siblings.  Board games are great for counting, thinking about how many more you need to get to the end, and subtracting.   I need you to get on dreambox and on razkids.  I can check and see how you are doing!  
Please take care of yourself and you parents!
Mrs. Alford


Hello Froggies,
I am sure by now your parents have told you that the Governor has decided to close our schools for the rest of the year.  How do you feel about that?  I feel very sad.   I will miss seeing each one of you.  Please do not worry about your things at school.  Everything is fine and as you left it (hopefully no food left in your desks so a furry mouse has a feast).  Please tell moms and dads to email me with questions or concerns.  I may not have the answer, but I will try to find an answer!  
The most important thing for  you is to wash your hands, stay away from others, and stay home.  I want to know you are healthy.  It is important that you do these things. 
I am not able to go to school, so I do not know who has classbooks or Mr. Frog.  Please take good care of Mr. Frog.  Please have your parents email me if you need to return him or the class books.  I know two are out. Let your parents know I still plan on making your own book when I get back to school.  
Remember how much I love each one of you and that you are each very special! 
Love Mrs. Alford
[email protected]


Hello my little Froggies,
I know you are all enjoying your time at home! I bet you are sitting around in your jammies,  watching cartoons, eating junk food and taking it easy.  I know I am!  I want each of you to be safe and remember to wash your hands and stay away from people that are sneezing and coughing.    Please do not go to your neighborhood playground.  I have seen kids at mine which is kind of gross....
I miss each of you and want you to be healthy.  I know this is a strange situation.  It will be okay.  We will come back to school and things will be normal again.  
Please read and write.  Can you make a journal about this virus?  What about one that you can share about how you felt and what you did at home?  If you want to do that I have included a journal in the files section.  Mom or Dad can print it and cut it in 1/2.  You will end up with 2....can you share one?
I will see you really soon,
Love Always
Mrs. Alford   

Lola and Me!
Who is Mrs
. Alford?

  Hello and welcome to my page. I would like to share a little bit about myself!  My name is Kathryn Alford and I have been teaching at Signal Hill for 17 years.  I do not mind if parents call me Kathy.  I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.  I have taken my own experiences as a learner  to enhance the learning environment of my students.   I believe that children should love learning.    Children are naturally curious about the world around them.  As educators of young children, our goal should be  creating  an environment where children are happy and eager to discover and apply new skills.   I believe that  my most important job is making each child feel successful.     I firmly believe that learning should be fun and natural through play and discovery.  I also believe that "it takes a village to raise a child".  Parents are the most important people in a child's life.  Together we can advocate and provide your child with a successful year!   
I graduated from North Georgia College in 1987 with a bachelors in Elementary Education.  I taught 2nd grade in Cobb County, Georgia for a few years.  I am married and have three kids. 
My husband Ray is retired from the army after 24 years of military service.  My son Brad is married (to a teacher) and lives in Arlington, Virginia.  My daughter is a special Ed teacher.  Madison worked at Montclair Elementary in Prince William County, but has  now relocated to Round Rock, Texas.  She is getting married this year.  My youngest son Nick is a senior in college (The University of North Georgia) and will be   graduating and  getting commissioned into the United States Army this May. 
My husband and I are both from Georgia, however I am a Navy Brat and have spent many years living in California, Virginia, Texas, and, Georgia.  As an Army wife, I have lived in Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia.


Week of 4/13: Optional Work
Language Arts
-Read a story and play this comprehension game.
Roll and Retell Game

-Practice your addition facts by playing this game. Directions for the game are on the game board.
Addition Bump Game

Social Studies
-Find information about our patriotic symbols and complete the matching activity.
Matching Activity

-Read a book about Spring. Go outside and observe changes that you see from the Winter season. Choose one of the writing pages and write some facts about Spring. Remember to use an uppercase letter at the beginning of your sentence and ending punctuation
Spring Investigation/ Writing