LAST WEEK OF 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR! 6/8-6/12

At-Home summer activities: 

Math: Summer Math Activities and Calendar_entering grade 4 2020-2021 Eng-Span.pdf This has a math calendar that the students can complete throughout the summer to continue their math practice. There are also games and math books in here that the students can complete throughout the summer!
Reading: Here is the link the Prince William County Library System.
This a free resource to summer reading. As of right now, all of this is available virtually, but once the libraries re-open students can complete the summer reading program in person at the libraries. Students are granted extra credit at the beginning of the school year in reading if they present the summer reading program through the county library to their new teacher. 
Summer Activities: 
crazy-story-summer (1).pdf

4/3/20 UPDATE

Hello parents,

Next week is still considered “spring break”. We ask that all students use next week to take a break from school work and to relax and play at home. All of our zoom meet ups will go on pause next week. Your third-grade teachers, however, will be meeting virtually to discuss next steps to “distance learning” according to the new guidelines given by PWCS.

Starting Tuesday, April 14th, we teachers are required to send out information and activities for continuing learning of what was previously taught as well as try to meet virtually with as many of our students as possible if not all. For elementary students, the new regulations for distance learning is to cover each subject area for 60 minutes per WEEK, not day. The plans for this from the team will come out on Monday, April 13th. We ask that all parents please be patient with us as we embark on this adventure in teaching and learning together virtually.

If you are struggling to use internet or the zoom meet-ups, please feel free to email any of the third-grade teachers, as we are more than willing to help you in anyway as we would like to see as many of our students as possible if not all.

Please know that all four third grade teachers are here for you and your student if there is anything you are needing. Please reach out to us anytime as we will be readily available by email.

Thank you for all of your support in the process and we look forward to sharing more with you on April 13th.


The Third-Grade Team

Fun Animal Reseach  3/31/20

Dear Parents,

Right before we left for the year because of COVID-19, the third-grade team was preparing for a fun and interactive research project. We have decided to make this project an at home activity now. It is NOT a grade or a requirement, just something fun the students can do at home while continuing their at home distance learning.

The student will pick an animal out of the list provided. Not all animals will be easy to research, so please try to guide your student through the picking process. Then they will print out the pages of the pennants with that animal. Once they pick an animal, they can start the research. They will answer each section of the pennant by researching the answers. Once pennants are complete, please take a picture of your student with the pennant and email it to your teacher! We would like to compile the pictures as a team and post to our 3rd grade web page.

We ask to have projects completed and pictures sent to the teachers by April 14th. Remember, this is not a grade or a requirement, just something fun for the students to show what they remember about what we studied in science this year!

Click here for students to have the list of animals to choose from as well as the printable pennants.

Your student can safely research using the Signal Hill Library page. Click here to access it and then your student can go to safe links from here to research. Also, another safe search engine is Kidtopia. Click here to access it as well. We teachers ask that an adult assist the student with researching to make sure all students are properly researching safely online. There is also a document given by Mrs. Stavros in the library that has the login credentials, please just email your student's teacher to have these logins.

We hope that all students have fun completing this activity and we look forward to seeing the final products!





The 3rd grade team is posting our pacing calendars for both Math and Language Arts. We use these to base our instruction and cadence day by day. The Math pacing calendar is created by the Math department.  The Language Arts calendar is created by our team, and is based on unit guides and pacing guides that the Language Arts department provides.

We are posting these so that you all have them at home to reference, and know what was already taught. Please do not work on any standards or activities that come after March 13th on either calendar. We are being asked by the school division to have students only review material that was already taught and nothing new for the time being.  There are no assignments in these guides or calendars, just reference material for you all to have.

We will be posting activities for students to complete and practice with starting March 30th, so please expect another update at that time. Please continue to take this time to relax and bond while practicing "social distancing" and staying healthy! 

Math Pacing Calendar:
C. Grade 3 Math Planning Calendar 2019-20_FINALvs. 3.docx
grade 3 curriculum framework (VDOE).pdf  (This is math curriculum referenced by number in the calendar with a description of the standard to better understand it.)
Language Arts Pacing Calendar:
2019-2020 Calendar TpT.pptx
framework_english_k-5.pdf (This is the Language Arts curriculum referenced by number in the calendar with a description of the standard to better understand it.)

The 3rd Grade Team

3/16/20 At Home Activities for Third Graders:

Dear Families, 

Below you will find many websites to support your child's learning at home. Please explore the different websites if you have the chance. These activities are not mandatory, they are here to help your child continue their academic journey at home. Thank you for your continued support at home. Stay healthy! 

Language Arts:
Click here to find virtual learning from Scholastic. Students can be read to, read their own, or even watch interactive videos. There are 20 daily lessons students can activate through this link.

Click here to find online books that they can read or be read to. Lots of fun books and is free right now.

Click here for to access online SOL review for reading. There are passages and questions that used to be on the SOL tests. Pick Signal Hill Elem. and then the password is signalhill. Then click Elementary School and Reading. Make sure you are practicing 3rd grade reading. 

Click here to a fun interactive reading game that you can great a free trial as a parent and your student will have access to all kinds of reading games. 

Click here to find the link to Jlab math practice. These are released math SOL questions the students can practice. When they click on Math 3, they will type in their name and their teacher's email. This will send their teacher their results and lets us know they are practicing. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, JUST PRACTICE. 

Click here for to access online SOL review for math. Pick Signal Hill Elem. and then the password is signalhill. Then click Elementary School and Reading. Make sure you are practicing 3rd grade math. Do not practice decimals, grids, or weight. 

Click here to have access to Khan Academy. There are videos and activities for the students to do. You just have to sign your student up as a learner and in 3rd grade math. We have watched some of these videos in school. 

Virtual Field Trips:
Click here to access virtual field trips. These are all fun and exciting to watch and do! Hopefully they enjoys these in place of ours getting cancelled!


Welcome to Third Grade!

Raz-Kids and IXL are available.  Please encourage your child to participate in these online activities.

Homework Policy

·Homework is part of a participation grade only and it is not graded on its own.
·Long term projects are assigned from time to time and will count for two grades.

Grading Policy

•Tests are double weighted.
•Independent class work is graded and returned home weekly.

Grading Scale:
A    90-100
B+  87-89
B    80-86
C+  77-79
C    70-76
D+  67-69
D    60-66
F     0-59