Class Announcements 

4/2/2020 Math Calendars
Families and Students, Please find attached a daily math challenge for the month of April in English and also a Spanish verion.  
Click here for the English version of the calendar.
Click here for the Spanish version of the calendar.

Any student who completes 20 or more boxes on this calendar correctly and emails me a picture of the calendar complete with PARENT SIGNATURE by May 1, 2020 will receive a PRIZE from me in the mail!!!   

3/30/20 UPDATE

Hello Parents and Students,

I am setting up some more links that I would like you to use at home to continue your review of material we covered before March 13th. I have found links and activities for all subjects, including Science and Social Studies. Please check them out! 

Geometry practice to print and practice:
Origo Math at Home: 

Raz-Kids (My teacher username is lulrich8)
SOL Pass Reading Passages (all comprehension practice):

Science Workbook Ecosytems Practice: (click flash cards, learn, and tests to practice terms we covered in our workbooks)
Science Workbook Adaptations Practice:  (click flash cards, learn, and tests to practice terms we covered in our workbooks)

On quizlet, you do not need to create an account to practice.

Social Studies:
Ancient Greece Practice  and Review:
Ancient Rome Practice and Review:

Families, Please use the following resources for determining what standards we have ALREADY taught prior to March 13, 2020.  

Math Pacing Calendar:
C. Grade 3 Math Planning Calendar 2019-20_FINALvs. 3.docx
grade 3 curriculum framework (VDOE).pdf  (This is math curriculum referenced by number in the calendar with a description of the standard to better understand it.)
Language Arts Pacing Calendar:
2019-2020 Calendar TpT.pptx
framework_english_k-5.pdf (This is the Language Arts curriculum referenced by number in the calendar with a description of the standard to better understand it.)
3/19/2020 Library Book List AVAILABLE:
Students and families, please CLICK on the Files and Documents section of this webpage to find a PDF file that lists all Signal Hill library books that are now considered "overdue."  Of course, the books will not be expected back to school until the students return, however I thought it may be helpful for you all, as a reference, to be able to view the titles that are checked out in your child's name. I receive this PDF report weekly via email, so I will be updating the Files and Documents section of my webpage EACH THURSDAY with the updated list.  Thank you for checking the list!                  Mrs. L. Ulrich, Ms. Stavros, and Mrs. Raiti

3/16/2020 RAZ-Kids Login info:
Please click here to login to the RAZ-Kids webpage that allows students access to reading stories at their level.  After clicking the link, please CLICK the child's NAME.  Each child's "password" is our ROOM NUMBER 132 FOLLOWED BY the child's CLASS NUMBER (for example: 13229 would be the password for the child if their class number was 29).  
3/16/2020 Week of March 16
Please visit the THIRD GRADE team page for activities for the week: 
These activities are OPTIONAL for all students!!!!!

Type in the code: nje3217

3/2/2020 Lalilo LOGIN
Students, please CLICK HERE TO LOGIN to Lalilo.
Please type in this code after the new page comes up: YMUNTM

Padlet Activity 
Today students used Padlet to identify clue words that helped them to draw conclusions based on reading a paragraph and then shared the conclusion they were able to draw with the class.  

Padlet Activity

1/20/19 Habit 1 : Be Proactive
This past week, I introduced the class to the 7 Habits of Happy Children, which are based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by author Sean Covey.  These habits will help all students to focus on simple things they each can practice to focus on their learning and take ownership of their success!  The first habit is to Be Proactive, and the way I introduced it (from my baseball perspective) is that, when one is playing baseball, a great way to be proactive is to swing the bat.  No one can win a baseball game without scoring runs, and you'll never hit the ball without swinging the bat!  This habit also illustrates a poster in our classroom to which I refer often ... "It's okay not to KNOW, but it's not okay to NOT TRY."  So, basically, I will be looking for students to put forth their best effort at all times to show this habit.  

For another way to view this habit, please refer to this document that explains it in a simple way. Mrs. U

  Be Proactive _ 1.docx

10/5/18 Dream Box LOGIN Info.
Students now have access to Dreambox math practice through the Signal Hill subscription!  Please 
click this link to go to and enter our class code to sign in:  dweh/k3yj
Mrs. Ulrich