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** Activities In Case Of School Closing ***

Language Arts

1.  Have mom or dad read a story: who is the author?
                                                 who is the illustrator?
                                                 name a character
                                                 where did the story take place?

2.  Draw a picture and write a sentence about it.  Parents, help sound it out.  Remember spacing. Example: I see a dog.  I like to play ball.

3.  If you have a pet, draw a picture of of he/she and what they like to do.  If you do not have a pet, pretend you do!  Example: He likes to .....

4.  Take the "A" Popcorn Word List and choose 5 to 'Rainbow Write'.

5.  Choose a book from your library at home.  Read it with a grown-up and then draw a picture of the characters in a setting from the story.

6.  Look for words around your house.  Use magazines, cook books, etc.  Practice writing words that you know from these.

Alphabet Websites

ABC Order   http://www.learningplanet.com/act/abcorder.html
Alphabet Chart   http://literacyhour.co.uk/kids/alph_char2.html
Animated ABC   http://www.enfagrow.com/language008.html
Haunted Alphabet   http://funschool.com
Alphabet Action   http://learningplanet.com/act/fl/aact/aact.html
Hidden Letters   http://sesameworkshop.org/sesamestreet


1.  Using cans in the pantry at home, take them out and count them.  Sort them according to what is in them, the sizes of the cans, brand, or whatever you can think of.

2.  Keep track of each day's weather.  Make a list of different types of weather and tally or graph what each day's weather is like.

3.  Using a deck of cards, with just the numbers.  Play 'More or Less' with mom, dad, or a bigger sibling.  Directions:  Deal the cards between the two people evenly.  Each person turns over a card.  The one with the higher number says, "More."  The other person says, "Less."  The person with More takes the cards.  First person with all the cards wins!

4.  Design a new bedspread with a pattern.  Draw a picture of your new bed and the colorful pattern. 

5.  Count beans into 3 groups of ten and count 10, 20, 30...

6.  Put some things in a jar and guess how many (estimate).  Take 3 guesses.  See which was the closest.