Greetings Kindergarten Families,

I am excited to welcome you to our Signal Hill family.  This is my sixth year at the school teaching kindergarten.  I have been teaching in the county for nineteen years.  Most of those years have been in first grade and now kindergarten for the past six years.

I grew up in California and have moved quite a bit because my husband was in the military.  I have been here in Virginia for almost twenty years.  My two boys are graduates of Prince William Public Schools.  I have two grandchildren that I love spending time with on weekends whenever I get a chance. 

I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your child and you. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Here are some suggestions for you to help your child at home.

READ- By far THE most important (academic) thing to do each day.  Read books for fun, read nonfiction books about things your child is interested in, start a chapter book together, read instructions, read recipes, bring a blanket outside and read under a tree, build a fort and read with a flashlight ...just read anything together.  Take the time and just be together.

Create- Create things with Legos, blocks, play dough, cardboard boxes, any materials you have around the house.  Make a leprechaun trap, build a boat for a book character, construct houses and buildings.  Let their imagination be BIG.  You will be amazed at what their minds will think up on their own.

PLAY-Play games, board games; such as Zingo, Chutes and Ladders, Guess Who, Bingo; and card games like Uno, concentration,  War, Spot It, Hearts.  Your child will have much fun playing these games while learning.

GO OUTSIDE- Go to your backyard, take a hike on a trail that is empty.  Be in nature together, talk about what you see, collect treasures like pine cones.  Take a "five senses walk" and look up at the clouds, notice the changes in seasons.  Take out the sidewalk chalk, count things you see  Being outside is such a wonderful booster for kids.

Talk to your child:  Just talk to your child without the interruptions of tvs, phones, tablets.  We are often so busy that it's hard to find time, good quality time, to talk to our kids. Time with us is what they really crave the most. 

Stay healthy everyone.