Welcome to the PM Preschool Page. 

I will be sending out notices and sharing pictures through our Class Dojo account. Please let me know if you need an invitation to join.

I have files and links to content that I hope you and your preschooler will find interesting.

I have added a file with the logins for all the sites listed on the school's Library webpage. You can find the library page by clicking on 'Our School' at the top of the website and finding 'Library'.

There is a wonderful set of videos on YouTube from VCU-ACE (Virginia Commonwealth University - Autism Center for Excellence) covering the importance of play and communication, especially for children with autism. The links are under 'Useful Links'.


Suggested Plan for the Day

I’ve put together a short preschool day for you to help with some structured activities. If your child enjoys this at home, that’s wonderful! If not, then please don’t stress about it. It’s just some ideas as needed.

9:00AM Wake up and eat breakfast. Get ready for the day!
10:00AM  Read a story together. Ask questions. Who is __? Where is the __? What's going to happen next? The students loved being part of the story telling.
 10:15AM  Gross motor activities: Get up and dance together. Some of our favorite songs are in the Links section
 10:30AM Sensory activities: I have suggestions in the Documents section. All the students loved having a sensory bin with some oatmeal and measuring cups, magnetic letters and numbers.
 11:00AM Calendar: We used Starfall.com (Link section) for our calendar routine. All the students know how to complete it. I've added Links to the Days of the Week and Month of the Year songs
Weather report: Have your child be the family meteorologist. They can look out of the window and report on the weather. At school, we discussed if it was sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, or rainy. Also if the temperature was cold, hot or nice. Have them draw a picture to represent their report. Together you could graph the results.
 11:30AM Fine motor activities: coloring and playdough are always fun. Keep scrap paper, tissue paper, glitter, glue, tape etc in a craft box to let your child make crafts. Other suggestions in the Documents section.
 12:00PM  Walk around the neighborhood. Look at all the changes occurring as spring has arrived.
 12:30PM Lunch
 1:00PM Story time. 
 1:30PM Nap or quiet time
 2:30PM Free time play
 3:00PM  Snack. Your child could help you prepare one of their favorite snack
 3:30PM Outside time. Play with a ball, play tag. If it's been raining, get on the rainboots and jump in the puddles!

Suggestions for activities connected to stories:

  • Act out the story. A sibling may like to play-along
  • Encourage your child to retell the story using a dolls’ house/other toys
  • Use playdough to make things in the story
  • Have your child draw a scene from the story and then you can write down what they tell you about the picture.
Take care,
Mrs. Cordova

[email protected]

Bio: I am so excited to be able to work with the wonderful students in the PM preschool class at Signal Hill Elementary. I have worked at Signal Hill for 15 years, and been the PM preschool teacher for 8 years. I have my Master's in Education with a concentration in early childhood special education, from George Mason University. Mrs. Cooke and Mrs. Turner are my wonderful teaching assistants. My husband and I have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.