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Earth from Space

Welcome to Signal Hill's Instructional Technology Page!

I hope you are doing well at home and I miss seeing you!  Please see the Useful Links page for online activities you can do at home.

Click on the link below to do some coding at home--a favorite activity.

The Hour of Code
TM campaign is a massive, worldwide effort which has introduced more than 22 million students to computer science by having them complete an hour long tutorial in computer coding. Billions of lines of code have been written by students worldwide during Computer Science Education Week (in December) when we celebrate the Hour of CodeTM.

The Hour of CodeTM is designed to demystify code, and to show that anyone can learn the basics of computer science. is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing computer science education by making it available in more schools and to more students. This movement is supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, and is a statement that today's generation of students are ready to learn critical skills for 21st Century success. points to a gap between the number of computer-related jobs in the U.S. and the number of students studying computer science. We live in a world surrounded by technology, and whatever field our students choose to go into as adults will require an understanding of how technology works. Our Hour of CodeTMis a statement that Signal Hill is ready to teach these foundations of 21st Century skills.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:
 Technology class will build students' knowledge base for an ever-changing technological world.

Our Mission: Technology will be used to promote learning in all areas of the curriculum and encourage independent thinkers who will meet the challenges of a 21st Century technological society.

At Signal Hill, we are preparing students for an ever-changing technological world and where we integrate technology into students' curriculum.  We strive to focus on the needed skills for students to evaluate, manage and use information responsibly and successfully.

Students have completed projects using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and the Kidspiration and Inspiration programs along with reading, digital story telling, and keyboarding programs.  We use the Internet for research and discovery.  Internet safety is emphasized.  We focus on basic operations and concepts, social and ethical issues, and technology research tools.  We emphasize reasoning skills, problem solving and decision making when gathering and evaluating data.  We also use technology communication tools to practice writing and creativity skills and to prepare professional presentations.  We help prepare students to live in a knowledge-based society.

Instructional Technology Activities

Students have worked on the following sample of projects this year.   

Grade 1: computer care and rules of a computer lab, illustrating seasonal changes of trees in a graphic arts program, research and illustration of animals and facts about them, and online reading/math programs.
Grade 2: computer care and rules of a computer lab, showing the states of matter and examples of each state in a graphic organizer program, and creating a neighborhood/bedroom map in a graphic arts program.
Grade 3: online word clouds to illustrate and practice spelling, word families, etc., an introduction to keyboarding, SOL review and several online reading /math programs.
Grade 4: online reading and math activities, SOL review, word processing and keyboarding.
Grade 5: word processing, use of graphic programs to display the ocean floor and geographical areas of the United States, keyboarding, SOL review and use of several online reading/math programs.