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Weeks of June 1 to June 12, 2020

Wow! Time really flies! We are approaching the final two weeks of school of this special school year. I am posting the link for the final two weeks of school. Take a look at this wonderful resource that offers video presentations and worksheets that goes with the presentation and topic that is covered during the week. I consider it to be very valuable as the weekly calendar offers activities for grades K-5.  
June 1-5

June 8-12

Wow! El tiempo pasa volando. No puedo creer que ya estamos en las dos ultimas semanas de este ano eescolar! Le estoy compartiendo los enlaces para el calendario de las dos ultimas semanas. Estos calendarios son un recurso magnifico los cuales ofrecen clases en video con diferentes temas diarios.

Here are the resources for this week! The first link is for the weekly activities in English. The second calendar has the instructions in Spanish. 

May 18-22, 2020

18-22 de mayo de 2020

 Week of May 11-15, 2020

Hello dear students and parents! 
Here you can find a weekly calendar with video lessons for each topic! This calendar is designed to review the skills already taught in school. Please, click at the link below to find lessons for grades K-5.

Semana del 11 al 15 de mayo 2020
Saludos queridos padres y estudiantes!
Aqui les estoy compartiendo el calendario de actividades para esta semana. Este calendario se compone de classes atravez de videos. Las clases que se ofrecen en el calendario semanal, se tratan de destrezas que se han discutido durante el ano y se ofecen a manera de repaso. Por favor, haga click en el siguiente enlace para accesar al calendario de actividades.

Week of April 27-May 1, 2020
This week I have a wonderful calendar full of resources to practice the skills you already learned at school. Each day of this wonderful calendar offers video lessons to review important academic skills of your grade level. Remember, these activities are optional!

This link will take you to the calendar! Have fun!

Week of April 20-24, 2020

ESL Activities at Home


You can visit these optional websites to help you improve your reading skills. (This webpage offers practice in phonics and the basics of reading.) (A youtube channel where artists read books to children.) (This page offers a series of interesting topics with books and activities.) (This a wonderful website that offers hundreds of leveled books for kids to enjoy!)

Actividades de la clase de ESOL

Semana del 20-24 de abril de 2020



Puedes visitar estas paginas de internet para que continúes practicando tu lectura (Estas actividades son opcionales) (Esta pagina web ofrece inicio al conocimiento de los sonidos y como comenzar a leer en inglés. (página de youtube donde diferentes artistas leen libros) (ofrece diferentes libros con actividades diarias) (¡Esta página de internet es maravillosa! ¡Contiene cientos de libritos en inglés y español! 


Dear Students, 
I miss you and I wish you are doing well during this time. 
I hope you are continuing to learn and have fun from home!  On this webpage, I am posting links to websites that can help you during your at-home learning time. Additionally, I am uploading resources that can help Mom or Dad with ideas on how to help you with your reading and writing skills. Look for those resources under the link named
Files and Documents
on the left side of the screen. I will be updating this page periodically to provide you with the latest information. 

Please, stay safe and don't forget to have fun!
Missing you all!
Ms. Machin 

Here is a calendar of ideas you can practice while at home. There are just suggestions for activities to do that are fun and at the same time promote language growth. 

ESL Activities Calendar for learning at home

ESL At home activities
Ms. Machin's ESOL Page


The link below takes you to the Public Home Learning page from PWCS. It a great resource for parents, students, and families.

Welcome to my page! 
My name is Doris Machin and I am currently working with First and Second-grade students who are learning English as a Second Language.  Through this page, I'll be sharing some useful resources for the students to learn and practice their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at home. 

Here are the different language goals we should be focusing on during the next couple of months:
Grades 1-2 Language Goals


* I can listen to a story and put the pictures in the right order of events (sequence of events). 
* I can listen to a story and compare and contrast characters based on their physical attributes. 

I can retell stories with details using complete sentences. 
* I can retell stories using transitional words. (first, next, then, last)

*I  can read a story and identify the title, setting, characters, and important events.
* I can read and answer questions in a complete sentence. 

*I can write a story using complete sentences.
* I can write messages for social purposes using complete sentences. (Example: a thank you note, get-well note or a letter)

On the left side of the screen,  under the name websites to practice reading, I had listed several webpages with valuable resources for the students to practice their reading and writing skills. Just click the links and it will take you right to the page. 

Other resources children will enjoy are: 

Ell Brain Pop
Fun Brain
Colorin Colorado
Cuentos Infantiles
Children's Library
Picture Dictionary

 Have fun! 

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