Important Updates to Zoom

Starting Tuesday, October 6, Single Sign On (SSO) will be required by all staff and students using PWCS Zoom, for enhanced security.  The authentication challenges at K-2 level have been resolved. This final SSO phase eliminates non-PWCS accounts from obtaining access to Zoom classes, reducing the risk of "Zoom-bombing".   Students must join Zoom from links in Canvas.    

If you have not authenticated your account, click below for a link with Instructions to authenticate your student's Zoom Account.  You will need to scroll to the bottom of the web page and click on Students and then click on Getting Started with Zoom.

Click here for a link with Instructions to Authenticate your student's Zoom Account

Also, Zoom came out with an updated version last week.  Families are encouraged to update.  The current version is 5.3.1.  Directions for updating attached below.

Click here for Instructions to Update your Student's Zoom Account to Version 5.3.1.  Opens as a PDF.